Design of any kind – be it graphic, scenic, trade show-related or architectural – is a passion!

We align our services with our clients’ wishes, offer them different options and open up new worlds – sustainable, urban and historic architecture, as well as comfortable and durable interior design are part of our mission. Extraordinary, vivid, technically impeccable and memorable scenery and trade show exhibit spaces are our distinctive features. Elegance, visibility and legibility of our graphic products and designing branded environments all make us stand out.

Trade shows

With some many other competitive exhibitors around, an attention-attracting and efficient trade show presentation is of key importance.

We have been entrusted with creating and setting up their trade-fair booths by the Republic of Slovenia, the companies Riko hiše, Elektro Maribor, Citroen, Ferrari etc.

Public projects

We boast three decades of experience in the field of theatre, film, television, both in terms of scenic design and technology concepts, as well as a large number of projects which we have taken part in as advisers providing the expertise regarding stage technology and multi-purpose public spaces.  The Slovenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Slovenian National Theatre – Drama, Ljubljana Castle, Kosovel Culture House Sežana, the main hall of Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana, the so far uncompleted project of the three academies and a number of small-scale projects are among our main references.

Stage technology

Scenic design-related planning and keeping up with the latest innovations in the world of stage design is a guarantee of unrivalled expertise for the planning of stage systems and other technologies with the aim of achieving theatrical comprehensiveness.

Individual construction

Country-specific, sustainable architecture incorporating high-tech elements and at the same time comfortable, homely architecture tailor-made for each individual client are at the core of our conviction and mission.  We bring passion into our planning work and breathe along with our clients.

Interior design

Interior design needs to be in line with one’s lifestyle and should fulfil one’s dreams. We can use our expertise, experience and creativity to change your way of life and make it complete.

Scenic design

The ever original content elements with a difference, vividness and the never-ending supply of outstanding features, be it in relation to the fields of film, television, theatre or trade shows,  are the distinctive characteristics of all of our products and services.

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