An event is a sophisticated and comprehensive form of presence. It is bound to impress, captivate and dazzle the audience and attract a lot of attention. It is an advanced school of creativity and organization.

Teater d.o.o., a company for creative endeavours, is over a span of a year involved in the creation and execution of more than 200 different events,  all of whom are bound to impress, captivate and dazzle the audience and attract a lot of attention from the client, and in particular for the client within the client’s target public.


»A one-of-a-kind experience that will give you goose bumps, make your heart beat faster and give you a bit of food for the soul. This is a way to describe an event set up by Teater.«

Congresses and conferences

Providing information and brainstorming prove more effective if elements of creativity are thrown in for good measure and impeccable organization is added.

Private celebrations

Every single moment in life may be a celebration and a reason or an impulse for an unforgettable experience. We can make your dreams or you children’s dreams come true!

Organization of adventures

Up in the air, under the water, on top of a hill, inside a Karst cave, in the middle of a city, on a lake or sea shore…. Organized adventures and team building activities provide unlimited opportunities for relaxed communication and fun.

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