An Estate in Primorska Region

Project description

All of the project stages were carried in one go, i.e. everything from the concept to its realization, including all of the details and interior design planning. The project is the investor’s dream come true; together we have created an outstanding building/facility, which is well placed into the surrounding area with stories dug deep into the foundation. In spite of its considerable size, it gives the impression of being in harmony with its surroundings, which will come to life through greenery growing on pergolas and beams. The striking building boast a high standard of living, eco-construction and meets the stringent standards of technology. One of its storeys houses a technology section for the production of olive oil and top-quality wines, as well as a wine cellar. The exterior and the interior areas are intertwined, which results in a high standard and quality of living. A large parking area links the immediate exterior to a cultivated olive tree plantation and vineyards.

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